The National Business Forum

is an open network of Business Associations and Chambers of Commerce. It was launched on 22 of November, 2013 and was founded by 9 organizations. The members of the forum signed a Memorandum of Understanding and agreed on how to work together on issues of common interest in the framework of the NBF.

Mission of the Forum

To represent the interests of businesses operating in Albania in dialogue with the public institutions.

Goals of the Forum

  • To strengthen the role of business organizations in the dialogue with public officials;
  • To initiate new policies to improve the business environment;
  • To find a common language and to increase the visibility and presence of the Forum among businesses community.

Declaration of principles

To be part in the decision-making process at all levels in order to strengthen the economy and increase the standard of living of Albanian citizens.

Coordination Unit

The National Business Forum has a Coordination Unit which manages the activities of the Forum on behalf of the National Business Forum. The Coordination Unit is taken on a voluntary basis by a member of the Forum.