Dr. Preci's interview for SCAN TV

th of March 2018, Dr. Zef Preci, executive director of the Albanian center for economic research and member of the NBF, was interviewed on SCAN TV, on the topic of VAT. According to SCAN TV, from the 1st of April onwards, the VAT tax will be applied to all businesses with a yearly revenue of over 2 million ALL. About 35,000 small businesses in Tirana alone, previously left out of this fiscal system, will be subjected to pay VAT. Dr. Zef claims that this tax plan will act to minimize the informal sector in Albania, but problems may arise as a result of improper reimbursements. He claims that government mediated reimbursements would also aid in mitigating fiscal evasion and transparency. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xCzQ-8fn3QA&sns=fb]]>